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Thank you so much for your interest in being published in Monochrome Seniors the Magazine! We can't wait to see your amazing black & white senior images!

Submission Instructions



Submit 1-5 photos for a total of $10


Submit 6-10 photos for a total of $13


Submit 11-15 photos for a total of $15


Submit 16-20 photos for a total of $20

Please make sure you fill out the form accurately and you read the terms and conditions before submitting.

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Monochrome Seniors the Magazine Terms & Conditions

  1. For the rest of these terms and conditions we will call Monochrome Seniors the Magazine “we”, “us”, or “our” and you, the photographer submitting images, “you”.
  2. You must be the photographer that created the image(s) you are submitting. The person in the image can not be the one submitting the image. The photographer that created the image holds the copyright so it must be the photographer that submits the work.
  3. You must have a model release on file stating that you are allowed to use the image in print publications and websites in order to submit your image. You must be able to give us a copy if requested. You take on the liability and responsibility for submitting content that does not have such a release. If the person in the image gets mad that their image was used, or just wants to bring damages for the image’s use, you will be legally responsible and will have to pay the court fees and other expenses.
  4. We will choose what images make it into the magazine. Not every photo or every photographer will make it in. We can also use the images you submit on our website, social media, and other places we think will help us gain exposure. This is in exchange for providing you exposure to users and views of our website, social media, print magazine, etc. and providing you with logos and graphics you can use to tell everyone that you were published by Monochrome Seniors the Magazine.
  5. You can not submit an image to us and then decide you changed your mind and we can’t use it. You will still have the copyright to the image and can use it how you wish, but you are also stating that we can use it for our purposes. We will not be paying you for the usage of your content, but you will get to promote yourself as being published and we will provide on our website logos and graphics you can use at your discretion if we use your work.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for image compression, our website going down or printing issues with the magazine. We certainly hope none of these things happen, but we cannot control everything.
  7. We hope we will be around for a long time, but if we have to stop operation of Monochrome Seniors the Magazine for any reason, we do not owe you anything. If we decide to sell our business, these terms and conditions will transfer to the new owners.
  8. You do not work for Monochrome Seniors the Magazine. Even if we publish your work, you are not employed by us.
  9. If you decide we have to go to court about any of this, it has to be in Logan Co, IL where we are based and you will have to pay your own travel fees and legal fees. If you have any questions, please ask ahead of time so we hopefully don’t have to get to this point.
  10. Everyone agrees to these terms and can not change them without it in writing.

Please check your filenames! They should be like this StudioName-ModelName-Number.jpg

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